Minoo Masani


Minocher Rustom Masani was born on 20 November 1905 in a Bombay based Parsi family. His father P Masani had authored a biography of Dadabhai Nooroji. Masani completed his higher education from the Elphinstone College and the London School of Economics. He then became a member of the Lincoln’s Inn, one of the four lawyer’s associations in London. At LSE, he was a participant in the student politics and also visited the USSR in 1927. The young Masani was an admirer of the communist experiment. He was back in India in 1928 to practice law at the Bombay Bar.

Masani’s participation in the Civil Disobedience movement landed him in the Nashik Jail in 1932. In the jail, his discussions with JP, Achut Patwardhan, and Ashok Mehta led him to start a socialist group within the Congress. In 1934, the Bombay branch of the Congress Socialist Party (CSP) was set-up under him. A year later he visited the Soviet Union again to explore the possibility of an alliance with the Soviet communists. Masani’s CSP, though, had to face opposition from the Congress conservatives. It also came in conflict with many provisional Congress government after the 1937 election because of its radical agenda.

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Minoo Masani - November 20, 1905- May 27, 1998
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