S V Raju


S V Raju (1933-2015) was the epitome of the dissenting Indian Liberal tradition which stood as a bulwark against the socialist domination of the Indian public sphere. As a lifelong liberal activist, he was closely associated with the Swatantra Party, Masani’s office and the Freedom First magazine for many decades.

Raju had joined the newly launched Swatantra Party in 1959 as the Executive Secretary and he remained a member till the very end. He would work under Minoo Masani, an association that continued even after the party wounded up. With the merger of Swatantra, Raju’s liberal activism saw him engaging with the Freedom First magazine, Forum of Free Enterprise, Project for Economic Education, and Indian Liberal Group. Meanwhile, he opposed the Piloo Mody-led merger of the Swatantra Party and kept the Maharashtra unit functional.

Mentions Published On
The Indian Libertarian
Volume : 10 ;Issue: 2
15  April 1962
The Indian Libertarian
Volume : 10 ;Issue: 9
1  August 1962
The Indian Libertarian
Volume : 11 ;Issue: 11
1  September 1963
Internationalization of Indian Business
12  January 1980
Report : Second National Convention, Mangalore, Feburary 18-20, 2005
 July 2005