Forum of Free Enterprise

The Forum of Free Enterprise (FFE) was set up in the year 1956 by A D Shroff. It was established with the idea of organizing like-minded people to counter the socialistic and anti-private sector propaganda of the Nehru government. His vision was to keep the organization non-partisan and non-political in nature. His unequivocal statement was that “We are not a political organization. Our main, if not the only, objective is of an educative character.”

The forum believed in educating and shaping public opinion towards ideas of a free society and to dismantle the myths about free enterprise that were created by the government.

Issue Published On
Industrial Relations August 13,1979
Has Private Enterprise Failed? November 8,1956
The Dangers of Joint Co-operative Farming March 7,1950
Free Enterprise and Democracy February 11,1956
Free Enterprise and Economic Growth April 10,1956
Cement Industry in India October 9,1956
Cotton Policy December 19,1956
Desperate Proposals : A Review of 1957 Budget June 1,1957
An Economic Review - 1957 December 9,1957
Impact of taxation on Small and Medium Industries January 6,1958
Recent Changes in the Tax Structure February 7,1958
The Foreign Exchange Situation March 6,1958
The Gift Tax April 6,1958
The New Pattern of Taxation and its Impact on the Indian Economy April 6,1958
The New Pattern of Taxation April 6,1958
Our Economic Future April 7,
Sales Tax June 1,1958
Indian Administration : Past & Present June 5,1958
State Trading June 6,1958
The Foreign Exchange Crisis & Some Remedies August 6,1958
Crushing Burden of Taxation December 6,
Some Economic Aspects and Problems of Under-Developed Countries January 6,1959
Land Reform February 6,1959
An Inflationary Budget 11,
State Trading in Food Grains June 7,1959
Warnings of History : Trends in Modern India June 7,1957
State Monopolies and the Citizen in a Democracy August 7,1959
Enlist Co-operation of Private Enterprise August 7,1959
For Freedom, Farm and Family August 7,1959
Wealth and Expenditure Taxes September 6,1959
Indian Shipping : Its Struggles and Achievements, September 7,
Pitfalls in our Industrial Policy November 6,1959
The Future is with Free Enterprise November 8,1959
New pattern of Taxation in India December 8,1959
New Company Tax Scheme Hits Shareholders February 8,1960
Price Policy in Nationalised Industry and Trade March 8,1960
Inflation Threatens Indian Economy March 8,1960
Democracy in India May 8,1960
Co-operative Farming July 5,1960
State Trading in a Democracy August 8,1960
Planning for Prosperity October 8,1960
Controls and Freedom December 8,1960
Resources for the Third Plan March 5,1961
Community Development March 8,1961
Inflation Endangers Economic Progress April 7,1961
Three Essays on Controls in a Planned Economy May 7,1961
The Future of Free Enterprise in India June 8,1961
The Role of Central Budget in a Planned Economy July 5,1961
Our Foreign Exchange Problem Can Be Solved By a New Export Policy November 25,1961
Third Five Year Plan - Its Premises Explained December 5,1961
Indian Planning and the Common Man January 8,1962
Economic Growth Requires Reform of Tax Structure February 5,1962
European Common Market & India February 5,1962
Foreign Exchange Crisis - The Way Out February 5,1962
Nationalisation at the Crossroads April 8,1962
A Survey of State Enterprises in India May 8,1962
Private Enterprise and Politics June 8,1962
A Review of the Finance (No.2) Bill June 8,1962
Freedom and Economic Growth June 8,1962
Two Essays on Free Enterprise August 9,1962
Transport in Our Developing Economy October 9,1962
Why are Prices Rising? November 9,1962
Public opinion on Private and State Enterprises December 9,1962
The Emergency Highlights Need for a New Economic Policy January 10,1963
Efficiency in State Enterprises in India February 5,1963
An Analysis of Budget Proposals (1963- 1964) February 15,1963
How Controlled Industries Work in India March 10,1963
Value of Accountants to Modern Enterprise June 10,1963
The Gold Problem in India July 10,1963
Compulsory Deposit Scheme September 9,1963
The Problem of Rising Prices October 5,1963
Equality as a Social Objective December 9,1963
Will Democratic Socialism Help India? January 12,1964
Financing Under Planned Economy February 6,1964
Implications of Bank Nationalisation March 9,1964
Rights, Duties and Obligations of Company Directors June 10,1964
The Problem of Rising Prices - Causes and Remedy August 9,1964
Conditions for Economic Growth August 9,1964
The Task Before the Monopolies Commission September 9,1964
Company Law in India December 10,1964
Defence and Development with Stability January 12,1965
Profits in a Planned Economy February 10,1965
Economics of Freedom February 12,1965
The Fourth Plan March 10,1965
An Analysis of Union Budget 1965-66 April 10,1965
Problems & Prospects of Cement Industry in India June 10,1965
Growthmanship Fact or Fallacy July 11,1965
Efficient Planning in a Democratic Society August 10,1965
A Review of Current Economic Problems September 10,1965
Indian Planning at the Crossroads November 11,1965
Discrimination Between the Two Sectors January 10,1966
Towards a Self-Reliant Economy : Lessons of the Past January 11,1966
Reforms Needed in Indian Income - Tax Law February 10,1966
Is Socialism Outated? March 10,1966
Fifteen Years of Indian Planning August 10,1966
Cotton Textile Industry - Problems & Solution February 11,1967
Cotton Textile Industry - Problems & Solution February 11,1967
Profit Motive in a Communist Economy March 11,1967
The Economic Environment in India - 1967 April 11,1967
India requires Indicative Planning April 11,1967
Deficit Financing and Inflation May 11,1967
Do Controls Help Economic Growth? June 11,1967
Recession in Indian Economy August 10,1967
Myths That Keep People Hungry February 11,1968
Automation in India June 12,1968
Economic Thinking of Lord Keynes : Socialist or Capitalist? July 11,1968
The Yugoslav Economic Experiment August 11,1968
Property Rights Under the Constitution December 10,1968
Federal Financial Relations in India December 11,1968
Economic Growth January 10,1969
Economic Democracy February 5,1969
Industrial Licensing and Economic Growth in India May 9,1969
Fourth Plan - A Strategy for Economic Growth? June 9,1969
Fundamental Rights in India October 9,1969
An Analysis of Dutt Committee Report on Industrial Licensing November 9,1969
Problems of Free Enterprise in India January 1,1970
Prune the Plan January 1,1970
Puzzles and Clues ,1958
Role of Free Enterprise in Second Plan January 1,1970
State Trading in Cement January 1,1970
The Bombay Plan and Other Essays ,1968
The case for Free Enterprise January 1,1970
The Case for Sponsored Radio ,1957
The Cult of State Capitalism in India January 1,1970
The Food Situation and the Common Man January 1,1970
The Transport Bottleneck January 1,1970
Two Years of Achievement ,1958
Wealth Tax January 1,1970
Free Enterprise in India January 1,1970
Limits of Nationalisation January 1,1970
State Enterprises ,1956
The Union Budget 2010-11 : Implications of Direct tax Changes and Impact on Capital Market ,2010
Monopoly Capitalism? January 1,1970
New Taxation Proposals January 1,1970
Planning in India January 1,1970
Public Accountability February 10,1970
Business and Public Welfare March 9,1970
Is Right to Property Not Fundamental? April 9,1970
The Union Budget 1970-71 April 15,1970
The Economic Implications of the Union Budget 1970-71 March 15,1970
Reflections on Foreign Aid July 10,1970
Central Planning and Economic Development August 12,1970
Price Control on Drugs October 10,1970
Socialism November 10,1970
How Big are Big Enterprises in India? April 10,1971
Fundamental Right to Property May 10,1971
Unemployment in India August 12,1971
Freedom of The Press October 12,1971
The Japanese Economic Miracle March 12,1972
Our Mixed Economy - Blessing or Curse? June 14,1972
Concentration of Economic Power July 14,1972
A Job - Oriented Fifth - Year Plan September 15,1972
State Takeover of Foodgrains Trade May 15,1973
Urban and Rural Unemployment in India September 14,1973
Rising Prices, Black Money and Demonetisation October 14,1973
Deficit Financing, Inflation and Price Control November 14,1973
The Oil Crisis in India January 15,1974
Should we alter our Constitution? February 20,1976
The Basic truth About Inflation April 14,1977
Press Freedoms and Human Rights January 16,1978
Pluralism & Mixed Economy - A Basis for Centre-State Relations February 14,1978
The Economic Implications of Union Budget 1978-79 April 15,1978
Draft Sixth Plan July 14,1978
Solar Energy August 14,1978
The Garland Canal Project - Answer to India s Flood, Food and Unemployment Problems October 14,1978
The Challenge of Rural Development to Banks and Industries January 14,1979
Industrial Relations August 13,1979
Internationalization of Indian Business January 12,1980
Challenge Before the Administration May 11,1980
The Supreme Court s Judgement on the Constitution (42nd Amendment) Act, 1976 June 20,1980
The Consumer Movement and Legislation in India February 15,1987
Life After Liberalisation January 15,1992
The Union Budget 1994-95 March 20,1994
Is There A Middle Way? January 15,1995
Free Enterprise is Economic Democracy February 15,1995
The Union Budget 1995-96 : Bypassing parliamentary Select Committee March 21,1995
Corruption in Indian Medicine August 25,2014
Making Indian Industry Globally Competitive May 15,1995
Growing Government is a Cause for Concern July 17,1995
Critical Issues Relating to Rising Prices August 17,1995
Population and Economic Liberalization November 18,1995
Population and Economic Liberalization November 18,1995
The Central Budget 2004-2005 Vis-a-Vis The Liberal Budget July 18,2004
The Central Budget 2004 - 2005 Vis-A-Vis The Liberal Budget September 18,2004
Free Power : A Step Backward October 18,2004
India : Seeing the Future in its Past February 15,2006
The Role of a Professional in Society September 12,2006
Economic Reforms in India : Where are We and Where do We Go? October 10,2006
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Globalizing World April 8,2007
Adapting Indian Industry to Globalization May 8,2007
Economic Reforms and The Relevance of B R Shenoy June 8,2007
Moving Towards an Empowered Customer August 8,2007
Prosperity Beyond Our Cities by Spreading Enterprise October 10,2007
Controlling Inflation December 6,2007
Can Economic Prosperity and Decline in Public Standards go Together? February 6,2008
The Union Budget 2008-09 : Its Implications on Agriculture, Stock Market and Indirect - Tax Structur March 6,2008
The Union Budget 2008-09 March 6,2008
Bank s Relationship with Customers - Evolving Perspectives May 6,2008
Current Global Financial Turmoil and Challenges Confronting India November 5,2008
Black Money Menace in India : Time for Action January 6,2009
Social Entrepreneurship April 4,2009
Modern Policing for a Modern India June 5,2009
Role of Technology in Enhancing of Customer Service in Banks June 5,2009
The Union Budget 2014-15 August 5,2014
Innovating India - Road Map 2014-2019 April 5,2014
Identity, Markets and Social Welfare November 5,2009
Citizens Participation in Effective Governance January 4,2010
India has the Best 15 Years Ahead March 5,2010
New Era of Enriching Hindu Growth Rate March 5,2010
Developmental Dimension to Financial Sector May 5,2010
Working of Commodities Markets in India July 4,2010
Mind Vs Mindset - The Grand Indian Challenge October 5,2010
The Indian Commercial banking System in the Next Decade - The Role of Small Banks October 5,2010
Free Enterprise in India and Freedom January 4,2011
The Role of the Judiciary in Parliamentary Democracy January 4,2011
Reflections of Enlightened Young Minds April 3,2014
The Union Budget 2011-12 : Economic Implications & Impact on Capital Market March 3,2011
The Union Budget 2011-12 : Direct Tax Implications April 3,2011
Towards Our Safe and Secure Energy Future May 4,2011
Towards Inclusive Information Technology Revolution in India August 4,2009
The Union Budget 2009-10 : Three Critical Dimensions August 2,2009
Accountability in Public Service February 4,2011
Public Sector Wastage - Issues and Challenges March 3,2014
Interest Rates and Economic Activity February 3,2014
Baron of Banking - Glimpses of Indian banking History : Reflections by Experts February 3,2014
Access to Medicines at Affordable Prices January 4,2014
Customer : Raison Detre of Business December 3,2013
Top Ten Concerns of Indian Agriculture & A Case for Private Sector Rural Banks May 3,2013
The Union Budget 2013-14 : Economic and Direct Tax Implications April 2,2013
Water Futures Its Everybodys Business December 3,2012
Customer Protection in Banks - Emerging Issues and Challenges December 3,2012
G 20 and India November 3,2012
A Viable Agriculture Policy for Sustained Growth September 3,2012
The Union Budget 2012-13 : Economic and Direct tax Implications April 2,2012
Growth Resilience and Reform : Reflections on Post-crisis Policy Challenges November 5,2011
Taxation Trends and Its Impact on Indian Multinational Companies September 4,2011
Deregulation of Savings Banks Deposit Interest Rates August 4,2011
Youth for Agricultural Transformation July 4,2011
Green Energy June 4,2011
Banks Relationship with Customers - Evolving Perspectives May 6,2008
Free Enterprise in India January 1,1970