Indian Liberal Group

The Indian Liberal group was founded on 10th November 1965. The founding members included Minoo Masani, Prof B R Shenoy, Mr H V R Iengar, Dr Fredie Mehta, Mr Khushwant Singh and Madame Sophie Wadia. One of the objectives of the Indian Liberal Group as defined by them is that “the ILG seeks to emphasise the fact that a market economy by itself does not ensure an open society; that a free economy and a free society are two sides of the same coin; and that a free and democratic society alone will ensure a satisfying standard of life for the people.”

The Group believes in achieving the objectives of attaining freedom, social justice, tolerance in the society and equality of opportunity through various local chapters on the local level along with State and National level executives.

Issue Published On
Newsletter 2 April ,2002
Newsletter 1 October ,2001
Address at the First National Convention ,2000
Report : Second National Convention, Mangalore, Feburary 18-20, 2005 ,2005
Constitution ,2000
Basic Principles ,2000
Manifesto for Indian Liberals - 1985 ,1985
The Liberal Budget 2005-06 ,2005
The Liberal Budget 2006-2007 ,2006
Towards A New Polity December 10,1993
Trends in Government Expenditure April 30,2007
Union Budget 2002 - 2003 : The Liberal Point of View March 27,2002
The Liberal Budget 2007-2008: Taking Reforms to the Poor October 31,2006
The Liberal Budget: Building an Equitable Society (2004) May 29,2015
Fifty Years After August 15,2015
The Retreat from Socialism November 14,2015
Terrorism November 20,2015